Thumper’s Green Madness Forage


This forage is named after Thumper (IG @thumpersmama18). He adored this forage from the first taste; delighted with the amazing blend of herbs offered.

Crafted especially for guinea pigs and rabbits, this blend can support their overall well-being. Herbal blends encourage natural foraging behaviors and mental stimulation while also being absolutely delicious and contains copious nutritious minerals.

Composition: Parsley Flakes, Dandelion Leaf, Spinach Flakes, Green Oat Tops, Oatstraw, Nettle Leaf, Chloe’s Organic Pea Flakes, Kale Flakes, and Basil

Forages should never replace fresh vegetables

Safe for all small animals.

All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.