Organic Oat Groats – Certified Gluten free · Glyphosate free · And Non-GMO


Oat Groats are enjoyed by rabbits and guinea pigs!
Feed as a hay topper, mixed in with their pellets, or simply as a tasty treat!

–Benefits of Oat Groats–

Oat Groats are a wonderful weight booster! Perfect if your small pet is recovering from illness or recent weight loss. They give piggies and buns extra energy so it’s great for floor time or during winter months.

Feed 1 teaspoon up to 3 times per week per pet after slowly introducing it to your pets. Be sure to feed in moderation.


Oat Groats are available in a 4oz bag by weight.

All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.