Betty’s Celebration Tree Gnawing Block / Guinea Pig and Rabbit long lasting treat / wears down teeth


Our addicting Tree Gnawing Blocks are now available year-round as our Celebration Trees—perfect for celebrating gotcha days, birthdays, vet visits, or simply as a random pick-me-up for your furry friends!

Display the beautiful shaped blocks while allowing your guinea pigs or rabbits to nibble and wear down their teeth!

 This block is great for wearing down teeth and includes beneficial aids for digestion and proper gut health

 These long lasting gnawing treats are designed to be placed in the cage to be played with and eaten over the course of 2-7 days. If your pets are consuming too quickly, remove and put back in the next day. Repeat as necessary to prevent too much from being consumed at once. 

Our Trees are made with Timothy hay and topped with a blend of rose petals, calendula, myosotis petals.

Our Gnawing Chews are made by a third party manufacturer. I (Daniel) have a very good relationship with them and I have spent lots of time researching my two manufacturers. I have taken virtual tours of the factories and am assured these products live up to the high standards of The Natural Cavy.
…so while I may have not physically made these products myself, they align with TNC criteria and standards. I simply have a wonderful connection to better quality and more professional product production:)