Karen’s Bonbons


Our Bonbons are the perfect ‘confection’ for your piggies or buns. They’re a great boredom breaker treat and just look so dang cute! Now with an extra boost of fiber and protein from ground flax.

Prior to dehydration, bonbons are 1.18’’w x 0.79’’h. Bonbons will shrink slightly.

Bonbons come in an assortment of:

Carrot w/ Rose Petals
Beet w/ Parsley
Blueberry w/ Apple Nibbles
Blue Butterfly Pea & Apple w/ Carrot Bits

20 and 50 pack exclusive: flavor and toppings will vary. Will be labeled on packaging


We offer our BonBons in the following amounts:

4 BonBons

12 Bonbons

20 BonBons

50 Bonbons


Organic ground rolled oats, carrot juice and pulp / beet juice and pulp / blue butterfly pea / blueberry juice, ground flax, rose petals/parsley flakes/apple nibbles/organic diced carrot


Feed 1 Bonbon per day alongside a healthy diet. Guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24|7

*Beet should be fed in moderation. May discolor urine but is 100% safe and beneficial!