Rocky’s RecoveryDisks- Appetite Restoral/Recovery Aid/Weight Gain Treats


Our RecoveryDisks are made with Sherwood Pet Health Recovery Food and SARx Rescue (Appetite and energy restore).

This amazing recovery food has no wheat, grain, or soy like other leading recovery foods.
These are a great way to get the wonderful benefits of Sherwood’s recovery foods into your piggy, bunny, or chinchilla.

We now use a combination of the Guinea Pig and Rabbit Recovery Food. Suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs. These Disks have replaced Appetite Restoral Cookies.

Keep these treats on hand to give whenever your pets need a pick me up and to encourage more hay consumption!

These disks can also be used for weight gain in underweight guinea pigs and rabbits.

Made with organic oats, Sherwood Recovery Food, Sherwood SARx Rescue, Calendula (antimicrobial and anti inflammatory), Hawthorn Flower and Leaf (heart health, helps circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout the body), Plantain Leaf (antimicrobial and anti inflammatory), organic Pumpkin (fiber), Peppermint (for digestion relief), ground flax seed (fiber), probiotics and Yarrow (stomach issues, gas, and bloat). Now made with Fenugreek (appetite stimulant).

When a pet is recovering from surgery, is on antibiotics, or struggling to eat: Give up to 5 Disks per day in addition to hand fed recovery food.
To feed as a pick-me-up to encourage more hay consumption: feed up to 2 Disks per day.

This should not be the only source of recovery food. Please see an exotic vet if you’re pet is ill.

Pack of 10 Disks

Prior to dehydration, Disks are 1.6 inch bottom x 1.3 inch top diameter x 0.4 inch depth

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All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.