Meet The Cavy Team

We take your small pets’ health very seriously!

Our core mission is to improve and revolutionize small pet care through healthy treats and toys. We aim to change the stigma that guinea pigs and other small animals are disposable, easy starter pets.

Our goal is to provide small pet owners with high quality, affordable goodies for their little furballs.

Meet The Team


I am OBSESSED with all things Guinea pig. I got my first baby March 28th 2016 and haven’t looked back.  I love my piggies with all my heart and love sharing the treats I make for them with all of you!

I am rather young, turning 21 in March of 2020, but I have dedicated my life to providing safe and healthy treats for small pets. My shop’s mission IS my life’s mission—to revolutionize small pet care.

The Natural Cavy was established January 22nd, 2018💚

Small Business Love <3 – Many people think we’re some huge corporation, when in reality, it’s all me (with some packaging help from my lovely mother!) Every single order is hand-packed by me. Every pea flake, herb, and treat has been handled in my (gloved!) fingers. (Half because of Savhanna!) of email responses is me. Every social media is me… It’s all me😂 Yes, it’s a lot, but I have so much passion and love for what I do.

I am so proud and humbled by every human that shops The Natural Cavy. As cliche as it is, you’re not buying from just a business. You’re buying from a dream. Someone’s dream that they built themselves. Thank you for supporting my dream. #shopsmall

And I am very excited to add Savhanna as our Customer Service Rep and Daniel’s advisor (you can read about her below!)

Why I started My Shop

After being let down time and time again by the lack of selection and quality in our pet stores in the US, I knew they deserved better. After seeing the quality and care of small animal products in Germany and other countries, I was inspired to bring not only those products, but that passion to the US. I have created many forages and treats that are not only tasty, but very beneficial to your small pets.

I hope you and your babies enjoy everything we have to offer here at TNC and hope to see your babies on Instagram and Facebook! (@thenaturalcavy). We love when you tag us in your stories on Instagram!


Hi! I’m Savhanna! I’m almost in my senior year of high school, and have a MAJOR passion for photography, graphic design, and all things guinea pig!
When I discovered The Natural Cavy, I felt so welcomed by Daniel and instantly knew I was never going back to anything else!
As a fellow pig parent, I knew that pet store treats were lacking in anything substantial, and loaded with fake fillers, and harmful products.
So, I got involved. And Daniel let me! First, I created the current logo for this company, and now, I’m the customer service representative!
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know!!”


I had Guinea Pigs in my 20s and fell in love! So, when my son fell in love with Guinea Pigs at 16, I knew they were in good hands! I saw how overwhelmed he was getting running a business by himself. I offered to help out however I could. I pack and label most of the treats and pea flakes. I have always loved animals. 80% of my clothes are animal related. I am so proud of how far Daniel has come in such a short time and so happy he gives back to rescues and charities when he can!

You can rest easy

knowing we care about your babies


We have been providing safe, healthy treats to fur babies for over 5 years now! Our products are guaranteed to bring happiness and joy to both your fur babies as well as you!


Our handcrafted products are made to order. There is ABSOLUTELY no sugars, fillers, or any other nasties to be found in our products! And preservatives? We never have and never will use them!


Being a piggy parent myself, I know the requirements and needs for small animals.