Hearty-Hearts Hay Gnawing Hearts / Guinea Pig Gnawing Treats / Rabbit Treats


Treat your guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals to this guilt-free, long-lasting hay-based treat!

An assorted variety of our Hearty-Hearts Hay-based Gnawing Cookies!

Assortment of the following:

Healthy Eyes (Carrot)

| Antioxidant Blast (Blueberry)

| UrineGoodHands (Strawberry & Cranberry)

| Gone Bananas! (Banana)

Our chews are made simply with Timothy hay and fruit/vegetables.

Hearts are ~ 1/2” thick with a 1.5” diameter

Available in a 5 pack Sampler, Pack of 20, or pack of 50

Our Gnawing Chews are made by a third party manufacturer. I (Daniel) have a very good relationship with them and I have spent lots of time researching my two manufacturers. I have taken virtual tours of the factories and am assured these products live up to the high standards of The Natural Cavy.

…so while I may have not physically made these products myself, they align with TNC criteria and standards. I simply have a wonderful connection to better quality and more professional product production:)