Sebby’s Snackers- Thin & Crispy Snacks


Our Snackers are our bestseller! And we can see why! Our pigs all BEG for Snackers!

We all know guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24/7. Our Snackers are a hay- enriched crispy snack with delicious flavors!

Each Snacker is 1 inch x 1/2 inch prior to dehydration and are roughly cut

Carrot Dandelion
Beet Parsley
Rosey Blues
Blueberry Moringa

New! Strawberry Basil

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Oat, Timothy Hay*, Oatstraw, Beet, Carrot, Blue Butterfly Pea, Blueberry, Strawberry, Parsley Flakes, Dandelion Leaf, Pink Rose Petals, Moringa, Basil*

*not organic


Feed up to 4 Snackers™ per day

Snackers and any treat do not replace loose hay. Guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24/7

We offer our Snackers in the following sizes:

Net wt: 1oz (approximately 25-40 Snackers)


All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.