Foraging Blend Bundle

Nature’s Medley — Size
Organic Bell Pepper Bits- Vitamin-C PACKED — Weight
Thumper’s Green Madness Forage — Size

Elevate your furry friend's health and happiness with our delicious forages and blends. Save 10% vs buying individually with our Foraging Blend Bundle!

Three of our most popular foraging mixes. Choose sample sizes or grab the full sizes.

Crafted especially for guinea pigs and rabbits, this bundle offers herbal blends that will support their overall well-being. Herbal blends encourage natural foraging behaviors and mental stimulation while also being absolutely delicious and contains copious nutritious minerals. Give your small pet the best with our Foraging Blend Bundle.

Forages come in either a 1/2 (0.5) cup by volume or a 2.5 cup by volume size. 
Bell Peppers come in either a 60g (2.12oz) or 105g (3.7oz) size by weight.